Go See Particle Fever – NOW!

screenshot of the web site showing some whirly thingys I think are protons?A few months ago Steve and I heard about a documentary playing at a local small theater. We’re not big documentary people, but this one sounded special. It’s called Particle Fever, and it’s the story of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, located on the border of Switzerland and France, and the quest for the Higgs Boson. I know we’re dorky nerd balls to want to go to something like this, but this movie is AMAZING. It explains how the U.S. was going to build a super collider first but were too short-sighted to realize that pursuing science changes everything and just wanted to understand what their return on investment was, and how the Europeans decided to do it instead. It talks about the cultures of people who came together to make it happen. It has the rivalry of experimental physicists vs. theoretical physicists. It even talks about music and art in a way that made me understand why people pursue those things. It’s a fantastic story about a prediction made by a man in the 1960s that was finally proven true in his lifetime. I’m getting chills just remembering how cool this movie is.

I’m not just teasing you though. The fantastic news is that Particle Fever is now available in iTunes, and I think on July 15th you’ll actually be able to buy it. I pre-ordered it when we saw the movie and I got a download with zero DRM on it so I can actually watch it on all of my devices! Please do yourself a favor, gather the kids around and go watch Particle Fever, at particlefever.com.

3 thoughts on “Go See Particle Fever – NOW!

  1. Ricky Rodriguez - July 6, 2014


    Saw it in San Luis Obispo while on a trip and it was GREAT. Even my non techie wife enjoyed the movie.


  2. podfeet - July 6, 2014

    Awesome Ricky! I think this should be required viewing in every school above age 10.

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