Sometimes, All You Have to Do is Ask

dollar symbol with arrow pointing downDo you have a recurring bill going on that just seems like it’s more than it should be? I would encourage you to call the company and simply ask them to lower the price. You would think that this wouldn’t work but I can swear that it does. Sometimes you do have to play a little bit of chicken with the companies but it’s amazing how often it works.

Years ago Time Warner sent us a notice saying that they were increasing our rate by something like $30 a month. I called them on the phone and simply said, “No, you’re not.” I explained to the woman that answered that it would be expedient if she simply moved me up to her manager right away. When the manager got on line I politely explained that I had options (Verizon FiOS was available to me). She took a look at my account, asked me what was important to me in my TV and Internet service. In about 5 minutes, not only were we not paying $30 more per month, we were paying $15 LESS per month. All I did was ask.

I have a combined data plan for my Verizon iPad and Mifi. If you haven’t heard of the Mifi, it’s a small portable device that gets a cell data signal and spits it out as wifi so you have your own personal hotspot. I suspect they’re not as prevalent as they used to be now that so many phones can do this same function. When I bought it, the better financial plan for me was to have them subsidize it. I’m paying $60/month for 4GB for the two devices (and paying off the Mifi). On average I use less than 1GB of data, since I only use the Mifi when I’m out of town. Unfortunately when I DO need the Mifi, I ALWAYS run out of the 4GB within a day or two. So I called Verizon. All I said was, “I don’t want to pay this much any more, is there anything you can do?” The woman worked on it for quite a while and in the end dropped my bill by $6/month which wasn’t much reduction, but at the same time she raised my limit to 6GB. All I did was ask.

A few weeks ago, I got tired of paying for HBO since we only really need it when Game of Thrones is on. $20/month is just draining out of the old account for no reason. We tried looking around for other stuff to watch on HBO but then realized that was kind of a dumb way to do it. So I went on line and cancelled HBO. This week I got an email from our ISP explaining that they had decided to give me complimentary HBO on my account. Isn’t that hilarious? I guess technically I didn’t ask in this case, but it worked anyway.

A long time ago I called my ISP and told the woman who answered the phone that I really liked my service and that I had no intention of changing companies. But then I asked her what would happen if I threatened to leave (again reiterating that I didn’t want to leave). She lowered my bil. All I did was ask.

So if you have a bill you don’t like, just call the company up and tell them you want it to be lower and see what happens. I bet a lot of you out there have stories much like mine – share them with us!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, All You Have to Do is Ask

  1. Dr. Dream - November 6, 2014

    Allison, Great advice. I got some similar adivce years ago from a wise fellow. Just politely ask and the worst they can do is say no and you’re no worse off. Great and timely reminder to ask, and be nice about it (at first).

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