How to Export LastPass Vault and Import to 1Password

LastPass logo with arrow pointing to 1Password logoA while back I published a post about how to get your LastPass data out of your vault and move it over to 1Password. The process is a little bit weird to follow so I created a tutorial on it and published it today. You can find it at the link in the shownotes or look under Mac or Security tutorials in the left sidebar.

I hesitated to publish this when I created it more than a month ago because Pat Putnam discovered a problem that neither of us can solve. Using the web browser plugin from LastPass, you tell it to export a CSV file. It’s supposed to open a save dialog box, but for some people (including Pat) instead it splats your passwords onto the web browser window. I’ve been unable to find a pattern to why this happens to some people on some browsers, and I even enlisted John F Braun of the Mac Geek Gab to help me noodle it out but he was unable to solve it either.

I decided that for those of you for whom this works I should publish it, and hopefully someone reading this will write to me and say, “hey dummy, all you have to do is…”

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