In Depth Review of the Tiny Portable ScanSnap iX100 Scanner

Steve holding the iX100 scanner with the tips of his fingersIf you’re any kind of geek at all, you’ve probably jumped on the paperless bandwagon. Maybe you’re a high end paperless fanatic like Barry Porter, Jim Sewell, Georg Conant, Allister Jenks and George from Tulsa using Hazel rules and all kinds of other cool automation techniques to move your scans around. Or maybe you’re like me, you bought a scanner and you do some scanning from time to time but mostly you look at that giant pile of paper and find an excuse to do something more interesting like clean the grout in the shower.

In the old days we used flatbed scanners, which worked ok but the workflow was so slow with lifting the lid, flipping the page and pushing buttons that the whole idea of paperless didn’t really take off. It did take off with a vengeance, at least in the tech podcasting community with the advent of the Fujitsu Scansnap scanners. I caught the bug too and bought the Fujitsu Scansnap S1300. It lets you scan multiple pages at once, does duplex scanning (meaning it can scan both sides in one pass) and it’s pretty small. Technically I bought it for Steve, but then I stole it and kept it near my computer because I really was going to scan in all those darn documents sitting on top of the file cabinet. I really was.

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