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NosillaCast Logo - text says NosillaCast Podcast and EVER so slight Apple Bias. Main background is a gradient medium blue to lighter blue with a skyline of black silhouette buildings below. Behind the building are some geometric red shapes. And of course the prominent podfeet (two bare feet) are in the middle

#516 Travel Through the Lens of Technology, Touchnote for Postcards, TTT Part 30 of n SSHing More Securely

In this first episode back after being in the United Arab Emirates, India and Nepal for nearly a month, I tell you about the trip but through the lens of technology. Internet access limitations, planning tools, fun apps I used along the way, something for everyone. Check out Touchnote for Postcards for a fun way […]

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#515 Adonit Styluses, 360Heros, Evernote Scannable, Blue Ant Ribbon, IT training with Elaine Giles and Mike Thomas

Two interviews from CES: Adonit styluses have come a long way from their simple beginnings, and 360Heros holders for multiple GoPro cameras for surround video. Allister reviews Evernote’s Scannable iOS app which can make short work of “scanning” documents with an iDevice camera. Steve Davidson reviews the Blue Ant Ribbon to “Bluetooth-ify” your favourite earbuds. […]

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#513 Canon EF-S 10-18mm wide-angle lens, Back to My Mac through Double NAT, Z-Wave, Looptworks, FREAK, Zombies Run & Bren Finan on Living Without a PC

The show starts with a review of the Canon EF-S 10-18mm wide angle lens from listener Steven Goetz. That’s followed by a dumb question from listener Lynda who’s having trouble getting Back to My Mac to work through Double NAT. Then we hand over to Allison for two more interviews from CES, one with the […]

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#512 eBooks vs Real Books vs Library Books, Wonder Workshop, Augmented Reality Glasses from ODG, Maker with Donald Burr

In a two-part segment on electronic books I weigh the pros and cons of “real” vs electronic books, and then walk you through how to get eBooks on your Kindle using Two interviews from CES: Wonder Workshop has toys to get your kids started programming, and the Osterhout Group’s Augmented Reality Glasses. In Chit […]

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