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#516 Travel Through the Lens of Technology, Touchnote for Postcards, TTT Part 30 of n SSHing More Securely

In this first episode back after being in the United Arab Emirates, India and Nepal for nearly a month, I tell you about the trip but through the lens of technology. Internet access limitations, planning tools, fun apps I used along the way, something for everyone. Check out Touchnote for Postcards for a fun way to send personalized cards on travel. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart takes us through Taming the Terminal Part 30 of n, SSHing more secure.

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Other Random Travel Tech Tidbits

typical wiring bundleWhen we finally did get on real Internet at our hotel in Calcutta, that was interesting too. We tried on our iOS devices, but the screen wouldn’t render properly for us to log in. They had to send the “IT Guy” to help us. He typed in a lengthy url with some .jsp stuff and the end and we were in. Getting real Internet after a week of 14KB/sec on the ship when we were lucky was like drinking from a cool, clean fountain after a hike through the desert. We were SO excited when we met at the hotel bar and had Internet. I distinctly remember Jacques looking at me with glee in his eye saying, “I updated an APP!!!” and giving me a white man’s high five. It was sad for the two of us who weren’t into geek stuff but it was pure joy for us normal people. I should mention that when we did get Internet, I had 38 app updates waiting on my phone, plus iOS 8.2! I decided to wait for the iOS update just to be safe. Normally I have automatic app updates running so it was interesting to see how many really come in when you’re not paying attention. I never did let my Mac run software updates because half-good Internet made it nuts. It kept asking for my password but then rejecting it as too slow, so I finally gave up.
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UAE – India – Nepal International Travel Through the Lens of Technology

tiny version of the omnigraffle diagram I am about to describeBefore we went to India, I was nervous about the country itself but Steve urged me to put aside my fears and go on a trip of a lifetime, and I’m so glad he did. I don’t want to bore you with “Allison’s Summer Vacation” so I thought it might be more fun if I talked tech but as it affected the trip.

Planning the Trip

Before going on a trip like this where we went to three countries, rode on 14 planes, 2 busses, multiple taxis and a boat, I really needed to understand the flow to make sure we had the whole thing planned out with no missing pieces. For that I decided to use OmniGraffle from the Omnigroup, which is a super powerful diagramming tool that Bart loves, but with which both Allister and I have a love/hate relationship. I usually feel like I’m beating it into submission to get it to do my bidding, but in the end it does what I need it to do. I should warn you, Omnigraffle is $99 for the NON-pro version.
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Touchnote for Postcards

touchnote_logoWhen Steve and I normally travel, we meet interesting people everywhere we go. There’s little opportunity for that when you travel in a large group because you’ve got no motivation. One night Steve and I got to the hotel bar in Jaipur ahead of our group and a man hollered out, “We saw you in Ranthambore!” It turned out he and his partner had been in the same hotel when we went on our first jeep safari to see tigers. We walked over to them and then one of them noticed Steve was wearing an Apple shirt and with BREATHLESS excitement asked if he worked for Apple? That was enough to bond the four of us for life.
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