#514 The GMen take over

Due to a HUGE error in judgment on the part of Allison, the GMen from the MyMac Podcast took over this episode while Allison and Steve are off galavanting about someplace nicer than where most of us are (the NERVE!). Fortunately for everyone (including the GMen), both Allison and Bart Busschots left PLENTY of content for them to talk about. First of course the usual Guy and Gaz nonsense about what they’re doing lately, then we help out Bart from last week as he finishes up on a Dumb Question he’d been asked. Then the GMen go over the events of the last Apple event that occurred last week. This is wrapped around the creamy center goodness of two Allison interviews from CES. The first was from Octa, makers of some cool iPad stands and then Braven, who created waterproof, stackable Bluetooth speakers! Then we finish off with a Security Medium and Light from Bart.


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