Alexa Doesn’t Like the NosillaCast

I was listening to Leo Laporte talking on one of his shows about how cool it was that you can play TWiT podcasts using an Amazon Echo, via TuneIn Radio. TuneIn is a service that lets you listen to over 100,000 live radio stations but also on-demand content like podcasts. I heard about TuneIn from Todd Whitehead who runs Alpha Geek Media. Todd spreads the live NosillaCast show via Alpha Geek which in turn sends it to TuneIn radio which is awesome.

That got me to thinking it would be cool to find out if Alexa, the Amazon Echo’s personal assistant, would play the NosillaCast. My friend Diane has an Amazon Echo which she loves. She’s showed off to me all this really cool stuff it can do so I asked her to test podcasts for me. I told her that TWiT should work but that I really wanted to know whether the NosillaCast would play on demand by voice.

I should warn you, it does not go well.

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Diane explained one more interesting bit after the comedy. There is an Amazon Echo app for iOS with which she can ask it to play the NosillaCast via TuneIn…and it works just fine. So the Echo doesn’t hate the NosillaCast, it’s only Alexa who has the attitude!

This is Not Your Father’s GoDaddy

Godaddy logoRemember the story about how with Bart’s help I rescued Hank’s History Hour from a WordPress and FTP hack? I finished the story without telling you the final step which was getting it back on line. When last we left our hero, I had the site rebuilt with a shiny new theme and a squeaky clean database but it was all on my own Mac running under MAMP.

After I had it all cleaned up, I called the hosting provider, GoDaddy, to burn the old one to the ground. Christian, the GoDaddy rep WHO ANSWERED ON THE FIRST RING, asked me to repeat myself and I explained that it was polluted and had to be scraped clean. I asked what the procedure would be for that and he said it was easy, all I needed to do was open my FTP client, hit select all, and then delete. But then he said he had a better idea.

I’m going to pause here to explain why I entitled this story, “This is Not Your Father’s GoDaddy.” GoDaddy as a company has had an awful reputation and with good reason. They had several things that they were doing wrong in my opinion. The first was covering their site with photos of a scantily-clad Danica Patrick, the voluptuous but accomplished race car driver.
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