Why Did I Need a Hub to Manage My Photos?

Diskinventoryx showing 60% as photosThey say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, I have a photos problem. I really like to take photos, edit photos, organize and find photos and I love them like they’re my children. I wouldn’t leave them home in a box, I want to have them with me at all times so I can take them out and play with them.

I bought a Retina MacBook Pro in 2013 with a 1TB SSD so that I could always have all of my photos with me, but over time things are getting in the way of that.

A few years ago, Bart convinced me that I should shoot RAW photos instead of JPG. Instead of nicely compressed 2MB photos, my RAW photos run around 16MB each. I also do an audio podcast or two you might have heard of and those files start to stack up. Somehow NosillaCast + Chit Chat Across the Pond is greater than the original NosillaCast. Each week I create about 6GB of new files. Continue reading “Why Did I Need a Hub to Manage My Photos?”

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