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NC #644 MiX16 Pro, Snapchat Spectacles, Strategies to Introduce Someone to a Smart Phone, Backup Strategies, Teampaper Snap

Remember to join us in the live chartroom for the Apple announcement on Tuesday at Allister Jenks brings us his journey as a podcaster going from Castblaster to MiX16 Pro, and Denise Crone gives us her first-hand review of Snapchat Spectacles. Steve and I convinced his mom to get her first smartphone and I’ll talk through the strategy we employed to hopefully make it a success. Joop joins us from the Netherlands to tell us about his really advanced and automated backup strategy. I’ll finish off with a review of the free menubar app Teampaper Snap for taking screenshots, annotating and sharing them.

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Teampaper Snap for Screenshots, Annotations and Collaboration

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Teampaper Snap

I take a lot os screenshots for quite a few different uses. I like to use them in my blog posts when I’m reviewing applications. I like to include them when doing tech support in emails to my friends and family and also to listeners who write in with questions. I also use screenshots to demonstrate problem areas when communicating with software developers about their products. I’d like to tell you about a menu bar app called Teampaper Snap that might be a better tool for you than some of the built-in capabilities of macOS. But first, let’s set up some problems to be solved.

I do so many screenshots that I’m pretty comfortable using the keystrokes built into macOS to capture a specific area, an application window, or even full screen. For some (many) people, remembering those keystrokes is a pain so they just don’t do it. Apple has the built in Grab application (you’ll find it in Applications/Utilities) which might be easier for you. It’s a pretty useful tool with timed screenshots that’s handy for capturing a pulldown window.

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Strategies to Introduce Someone to a Smart Phone

Merlee al with her new iphoneSteve’s mother, Merlee, is very clever and quick learning new things, so we thought it was time to try to convince her to move from a flip phone to an iPhone. I should mention that her flip phone lives in a drawer and never gets to come out to play unless she’s on a vacation.

Steve’s father, Ken, also has a flip phone he brings out for vacations, but he tends to be more resistant to trying new things in the technology department. I have observed though that when Merlee moves out on new tech, sometimes Ken watches over her shoulder and eventually jumps in.

Ken was convinced though that Merlee didn’t need an iPhone and that it would be excessively complex and she wouldn’t use it. He was also concerned about the cost. He pointed out that he only pays something like $40 a year for two phones, 20 minutes of calls and some limited number of text messages, so if it was more than that, it would be a big waste of money.

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