Animoji Karaoke – To Boldly Go…

Harry McCracken, the technology director at Fast Company has invented something super fun, which he has named, “Animoji Karaoke”. It’s a very silly idea and a bit tricky to execute. Using an iPhone X in Messages, you can create an animated emoji, or Animoji, but you can only record 10 seconds. The trick he figured out was to use the iPhone’s built-in screen recorder to record Messages instead. That means you then have to open in an editor (I used ScreenFlow) to crop to just the Animoji. But to make it Karaoke, you have to lip-synch to some audio and bring that audio into the video. I thought you guys might get a kick out of my attempt at Animoji Karaoke!

Using a Screen Reader? click here (spoiler, the video is an alien)

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