CES 2018: Eargo Hearing Aids

Allison interviews Raphael Michel from Eargo about their unique hearing aid design. Eargo hearing aids fit discreetly inside the ear canal so they’re nearly hidden when in use. The device is designed with innovative and comfortable Flexi Fibers that hold Eargo in place and help them float in your ear. Eargos are rechargeable and come with a compact charging case. The setting is Pepcom at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas. Learn more at https://www.eargo.com/

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1 thought on “CES 2018: Eargo Hearing Aids

  1. George - January 14, 2018

    Eargo is entering a market for Over the Counter Hearing Aids “created” in an August 2017 law that required the FDA to license direct to consumer hearing aids. Hearing aids were SO expensive because they were sold only by prescription, and there were no “generics.” Even after the electronics became quite inexpensive to assemble, there was no financial incentive for “the industry” to lower prices.

    A nearly deaf friend, on a very low fixed income, bought a “hunting amplifier” from Amazon for less than $50. It sorta’ worked. There’s a variety of sources selling such devices online. An elaborate storefront, Sound-IQ, opened not far from my house. The company’s goal is the ride the wave of OTC hearing aids. Good name, good graphics, they’ll be franchising.

    One company, ZPower, offers retro-fit rechargeable Silver-Zinc batteries for a variety of existing aids. Perhaps something to check out if you, or someone you help, has trouble with those pesky “coin” batteries.


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