CES 2018: Mira Ovulation Monitoring System

Allison interviews Cara Morgan from Mira about their at-home ovulation monitoring system. The Mira method of analyzing samples gives the user-specific numerical data, rather than the traditional ‘smiley face’ approach of current testing systems. This provides more definitive results, giving the user a better sense of their cycle, increased accuracy, and cycle prediction that improves over time. The Mira system includes a test wand, an Analyzer module into which the wand is inserted, and a mobile app to which the Analyzer sends its data. The Mira Fertility testing platform uses machine learning AI to learn the user’s changing hormone patterns, which provides personalized and accurate ovulation prediction and fertility advice specific to the user. The setting is CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. Learn more at https://www.miracare.com/

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