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NC #671 Hot Whiskey, MFi Hearing Aids, CES Wonder Workshop, AppleTV & AirPods, iCloud Photo Library Syncing, Mylio & Security Bits

Bart Busschots stands in for a vacationing Allison Sheridan. Since the show is recorded on St. Patrick’s Day, Bart starts with a recipe for an Irish hot whiskey. Then we have a review of MFi Hearing Aids from listener Gretchen, an interview with Wonder Workshop recorded by Allison & Steve at CES earlier this year, an AppleTV & AirPod dumb question & answer from listener Dick, an iCloud Photo library syncing story from Allison, a review of Mylio from listener Tom, and finally a solo Security Bits from Bart.

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Hi folks and welcome to episode 671 of the NosillaCast, a technology geek podcast with an eeeeeever so slight Apple bias. I’m your guest host Bart Busschots, and this is the show for Saturday March 17, 2018. An Irish host on St. Patrick’s day — perfect!

How to Make a Hot Whiskey

Since it’s Paddy’s day, and since poor Allison has lost her voice, I thought it might be a good time to share the traditional Irish remedy to a cold or a sore throat — the hot whiskey. As you can probably tell from the name, this is an alcoholic drink, but it’s a lot less alcoholic than you might think.

You should always serve a hot whiskey in a glass vessel, and you’ll need a metal spoon to protect the glass from the boiling water. The cloves are absolutely not optional, and you absolutely have to use whole cloves, not ground. Also, just to be clear, we’re talking clove the spice, not cloves of garlic!

You should also use Irish whiskey not Scottish whiskey, or perish the thought, Bourbon! For this kind of recipe there’s no point in wasting the good stuff. I like to use a middle-of-the-road Irish whiskey like Jameson (the regular stuff, not the fancy Crested 10 or anything like that) or Bushmills (again, the regular stuff, not the fancier Black Bush or anything like that).


  • 2 tbsp Irish whiskey
  • 1 tsp brown sugar or ½ tbsp honey (or more if if you have a sweet tooth)
  • 1 lemon wedge
  • 5 cloves
  • 1 cup boiling water


Bring a kettle of water to the boil.

While the kettle is boiling, cut a wedge of lemon and stick the 5 cloves into it, and put aside.

Warm the glass by first placing a metal spoon in it, filling it with boiling water, then throwing the water out.

Add the whiskey, the cup of boiled water, and the sugar or honey. Stir until the sugar or honey is dissolved.

Add the lemon wedge, and serve immediately!

Made for iPhone Hearing Aids – by Gretchen Macdowall

CES 2018 — Wonder Workshop Educational Robots for Kids

Dumb Question Corner (Apple TV Question & Answer)

Hi Allison,

I have a dumb question. I purchased the Apple AirPods and they are great. I use them all the time to listen to podcasts and sometimes even music. The AirPods automatically connect to my iPhone and iPad. My problem is that I also use them with my AppleTV 4 and they don’t automatically connect to the Apple TV. I have paired the AirPods, but they do not auto connect to the Apple TV. In order to connect them, I have to go to the AppleTVs main menu and select Settings. Then dig through the setting to find the Bluetooth menu and select the AirPods. Then I have to navigate back to the app to watch the content. It seems like there should be a simpler way to connect the AirPods to an Apple TV.

I wrote this dumb question then I got my answer from Don McAllister at ScreenCasts Online. I am a subscriber to SCO and Don sends out a weekly email with information about the new screencasts and he also includes a tip. This weeks tip is titled “AirPod Tips”. This is a short 5-minute video and at the end of it he answers my dumb question. The question to be solved: is how to connect AirPods to the AppleTV. He explains that from the home screen of the AppleTV simply hold down the Play button for a few seconds and a menu appears with a list of the available outputs, so you can quickly select the AirPods. I tried it and it does exactly what I wanted. I wondered if this tip would also work from the iOS remote app and it does. This simple tip is exactly what I was looking for.

Love your show and keep up the good work.
Have a great time in Paris. I was there last March and had a wonderful time.

Dick Nelson

iCloud Photos Library Syncing (Allison)

Mylio Photo Organizer and Editor by Tom Stewart

Security Bits

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  1. TjPk - March 19, 2018

    Not showing up in Apple pasta for me (my slide typing did pasta instead but I’m lazy)

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