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Dumb Question Corner – Apple Photos vs Google Photos

Google photos vs apple photosEric in Durham, NC sent in our Dumb Question this week, and it’s a really interesting one:

Hey Allison, here is a dumb question for you. I finally got rid of my Android phone and got an iPhone 😀. With that in mind, should I switch to Apple Photos app instead of using the Google Photo app? What is the difference between the two?

Well, Eric, that sounds like an easy question to answer, but I can pretty much sit in a room alone and have the argument for both sides with myself! Let’s talk through the features and see if there’s an answer. Continue reading “Dumb Question Corner – Apple Photos vs Google Photos”

Moving Apple System Photo Library to an External SSD is Terrifying

Photos errifying warningSo now that I’ve got my shiny new Samsung T3 USB3 external SSD, let’s see if I can figure out how to use this for my real Photos library. Since not everyone uses Photos, let me explain some details of how this works. Photos, like its predecessors iPhoto and Aperture, can handle multiple libraries. But one library is special and it’s called the System Photo Library. The System Photo Library is special because it’s the only one that can be shared via iCloud Photo Library. I have a few little photo libraries but I’m going to move my big System Photo Library that syncs across with my MacBook, two iPads and an iPhone. Continue reading “Moving Apple System Photo Library to an External SSD is Terrifying”

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