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DNS Correction

On Chit Chat #533, Bart did a deep dive into how the Domain Name System works and in that session, he suggested a hybrid approach where your mobile devices had the improved DNS along with your home router.

It turns out it’s not possible to set system-wide DNS settings on iOS or Android. This means that the Hybrid Approach we described of setting a third-party DNS on your home router and then also hard-coding it on your mobile devices remains the best advice, but it’s not possible to do on iOS or Android devices. Annoyingly, that means there is no good solution to protect these devices 🙁. Thanks very much to Allister Jenks for drawing our attention to this in our Google Plus Community.


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CCATP #535 – Bart Busschots on PBS 53 of X — Bootstrap Utilities

We’re finally back to a new episode of Programming By Stealth after a few weeks chatting with different things like GDPR and DNS with Bart Busschots. In this installment, Bart starts explaining the Utilities available in Bootstrap. We’ll learn how easy it is to use the pre-built CSS styles in Bootstrap to color text, add borders, spacing, text alignment and fonts all with semantic phrases that actually make sense! In an odd bit of luck, Bootstrap had been updated and Bart’s code didn’t reflect the new version. In most shows, this would be a problem but the change allowed Bart to walk me through how to figure out what was wrong and how to access the Bootstrap documentation to fix it. The best way to learn something is to break it first, or at least Bart and I feel that way.

Bart’s most excellent shownotes are at…

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