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Tiny Tip – How to Get the App Switcher Back to the Correct Display on macOS

Displays preferences arrangementThis might be the tiniest tip ever posted on

If you have external monitors hooked up to your Mac, it’s really awesome. Most of the time. Sometimes it gets confused.

You probably know that in System Preferences, you can identify which display is the main monitor, meaning that’s where apps first open and such. It’s an odd little trick. Open System Preferences → Displays → Arrangement. On that screen, you’ll see all of your monitors portrayed.

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CCATP #548 – Lupita Salazar on Braille Literacy and Tech

Lupita Salazar talks to us about how she learned to read at 6 years old (just like everyone else) through Braille. She was highly influenced by my awesome friend Lore Schindler, who taught Tech and Braille to her and the other students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. He explains why Braille is so important to literacy when many believe audio is a substitute for being able to read. Lupita is a hard core tech head who just loves to experiment and learn new tech (she even used Android for a year just to understand it!) She’s funny and passionate and has a great perspective that I really enjoyed. You can find Lupita @queenofthesea31 or email her at

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