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CCATP #563 – Bart Busschots on PBS 62 of X — A Basic Bootstrap Form

This week’s Programming By Stealth was great fun. Bart Busschots teaches us how to create a web form using the Bootstrap classes to do the job. He explains how Bootstrap literally insists that we make our code accessible, and how sensible it is to just that. We learn the importance of Form Groups, and how Checkboxes and Radio Buttons are a slightly different type of input to a form and so have their own Bootstrap class. It’s great fun and the challenges look like fun too.

At the end of the episode I added what Bart likes to call a Palate Cleanser. I’ve been following a woman named Samantha Ming on Twitter and samanthaming.comw where she posts fun little CSS and HTML tricks. I learned how to make the caret on an input field blink in pink, and how to make regular HTML text on a web page be editable.

Bart’s tutorial for this episode is available at pbs.bartificer.net/…

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