CES 2019: B-Secur HeartKey Authentication and Health Monitoring

Allison interviews Ben Carter, Chief Commercial Officer of B-Secur, about their HeartKey biometric product. HeartKey is a system that measures a person’s electrocardiogram (ECG) and uses this information to authenticate the user. Authentication is secure because each individual’s ECG is unique, containing several distinct features like a fingerprint. Medical grade ECG measurements are taken with a module on a chest strap that processes the data and transmits ECG information to a display. B-Secure has developed algorithms that may be used for various purposes, such as determining a person’s stress level, alertness, calorie burn rate, and other cardiac condition. In the future, B-Secur envisions HeartKey being embedded in clothing and uniforms for ID, location tracking, and monitoring of workers. The setting is Pepcom Digital Experience at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas. Learn more at https://www.b-secur.com/

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