CES 2019: GoSun Solar Cookers

Allison interviews Collin Guernsey from GoSun about their line of solar cookers. GoSun cookers rely on the sun to heat and cook food without the need for fuel, thereby minimizing emissions and pollution. GoSun offers three solar-only cookers ranging upward in size, volume of food they can cook, and price: the GoSun Go, Sun, and Sport. GoSun also offers the Fusion Solar Electric Oven for use when it is sunny, cloudy or even nighttime. The Fusion is equipped with a solar cooker, a lithium-ion battery power bank that supports up to one hour of off-grid cooking, and a 20-Watt solar panel to recharge the power bank. Additional accessories are offered to charge the power bank from a 12-volt car battery or a wall outlet. The setting is the CES Unveiled show floor at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Learn more at https://gosun.co/

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