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CCATP #593 — Bart Busschots on PBS 78 — is.js & Bootstrap Popovers

Bart Busschots and I both had a great time doing the challenge this week. In this week’s installment Bart takes us through his homework not in a detailed step-by-step method, but rather he goes through some major structural ways he created his code. He digs deep enough to explain why but it’s a great lesson on building code that’s easier to debug and more fun to write. I got to be the tester of his code, and as I suggested improvements he decided he needed to use Bootstrap Popovers. He walks us through how they work and I have to say they’re really slick. Then he introduces us to a super intuitive JavaScript library called is.js that solves will simplify our code. I asked Bart if he could back up 2 weeks and show me is.js BEFORE I did last week’s homework!

As always, Bart’s awesome tutorial shownotes are available pbs.bartificer.net/…

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