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NosillaCast Logo - text says NosillaCast Podcast and EVER so slight Apple Bias. Main background is a gradient medium blue to lighter blue with a skyline of black silhouette buildings below. Behind the building are some geometric red shapes. And of course the prominent podfeet (two bare feet) are in the middle

NC #738 CYCL Wing Lights, Tesla Tech Missing Buttons, Powerbeats3 & Security Bits

Bart Busschots from the Let’s Talk Podcasts here standing in for Allison while herself and Steve chase eclipses around Chile! Joe Dugandzic from Smarter Home Life reviews the Wing Lights from CYCL, NosillaCastaway debutant Wing reviews the Powerbeats3 bluetooth headphones, Allison makes a brief appearance to talk about opening and closing things on Teslas, and […]

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Security Bits – 30 June 2019

Followups Facebook has replaced the infamous study app that breached Apple’s Enterprise Developer Program rules and got them into so much trouble a few months ago with a new app that is not side-loaded, is explicit in what it does, and is Android only (Editorial by Bart: I’m guessing they couldn’t get a useful spying […]

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Professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology Weighs in on “Horns” from Smartphone Use — by Terry Austin

Jeff Gamet’s Playful View of the Story Hello fellow Castaways! Professor Terry Austin here. A few days ago I received a text message from Allison with a link to the original Washington Post story about smartphones causing users to grow horns. She simply asked – IS THIS REAL? This question is not unprecedented. I’ve gotten […]

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