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CCATP #596 — Anže Tomić on Tech in Slovenia

This week on Chit Chat Across the Pond I had the great pleasure of talking to Slovenian tech podcaster, Anže Tomić. Anže also works for RTV Slovenia’s Val 202 public radio, and as he says on his website, he sounds like an Eastern European Bond villain. He’s also a writer for the most read Slovene tech magazine Monitor (think PC/Macworld in Slovene.) We talked all over the tech map from net neutrality, to the lack of spam calls in Slovenia, to Internet speeds, to his love of the old Nokia handsets, to Huawei’s current problems, to his Chromebook. I used the format he uses on his podcast including asking him what his top 5 apps are and what one physical thing he’s ever owned that felt like it was made for him.

Anže mostly podcasts in Slovenian in a podcast called Apparatus. He sometimes has English-speaking guests on and when he does, those episodes go into his podcast called Storming Mortal at You can even hear John Siracusa saying his name there which is fun all by itself. You can follow Anže on Twitter in English at @atomicxx. If you speak Slovene, you can follow his much more frequent tweets @anzet.

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