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CCATP #611 – Bart Busschots on PBS 84 of X – Objects as Dictionaries in JavaScript (Redux & Update)

Bart has been noticing that there are a few key features in JavaScript that haven’t ever really congealed for me and is circling back in hopes of firming them up. The other reason he’s going over these topics is that new options have been created since we first covered them. The first of these subjects is objects as dictionaries. I confessed to him recently that I’ve never successfully done a for loop on my own yet, so we slow down a bit during that part but we speed up again into what are actually more challenging topics. We had a lot of fun doing this episode (even when I was stuck!)

Bart’s tutorial shownotes can be found at pbs.bartificer.net/…

At the end of the show, I suggested a palate cleanser, which is a feature of his Security Bits segment he does for the NosillaCast. I found an awesome tweet by developer Sarah Dresner aka @sarah_edo: “Apparently the only cure for jetlag is to make SVG animations of farting rhinos with the new @greensock API 💨”. Of course I had to follow that link, and it was awesome. It is literally an SVG file of an adorable little rhino trotting along and tooting. After Bart and I got off the air we took advantage of the fact that she’d posted the farting rhino on codepen.io so we view the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to see how she did it. I know this is silly but that’s what makes it so awesome.

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