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CCATP #619 — Bart Busschots on PBS 88 of X — DOM & jQuery Objects Redux

Bart is nearing the end of his mini-series recapping al of the different hats JavaScript objects wear, doing a lot of redux to cement the concepts that have been spread over so many lessons. He takes a really interesting approach this week to his teaching. He explains a concept and then instead of having a contrived example, he shows us exactly how that concept works in action in his homework solution from PBS 85. His solution to the homework assignment is, of course, beautiful and elegant. Beautiful he gives credit to Bootstrap, elegant he would probably give credit to jQuery.

I am really enjoying these redux segments because they cement things that were still wobbly, or perhaps even gone from my memory. Each time through I’m finding I understand how to even categorize the information in my brain. I explained to Bart that I think he’s actually changing the way my brain is wired now.

You can find Bart’s tutorial shownotes at pbs.bartificer.net/…

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