Pair of Acouva earbuds and accompanying case (looks somewhat like AirPods)

CES 2020: Acouva Bluetooth Hearables

Allison interviews Amy Jackson, VP of Audiology at Acouva, about their new Bluetooth earbuds. Acouva analyzes your hearing and boosts sound with amplifiers personalized for your ears. Using bone conduction technology, Acouva’s built-in microphone is able to pick up your voice and eliminate background noise. The earbuds are designed with a small exterior body and comfort seal tips that fit securely in large and small ears. They include a second set of batteries hidden in the included case and you can swap batteries to listen for up to 20 hours without recharging. You can also download audio files directly to Acouva earbuds and listen phone-free. The setting is the Eureka Park show floor at the Sands Conventions Center in Las Vegas.
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