Lobster Trap connected to buoy transmitter to phone

CES 2020: ioTrapster Connected Fishing Trap

Allison interviews Nicolas Boittin, CEO of ioTrapster, about their novel fishing trap. ioTrapster is a connected fishing trap that allows you to locate and see your catch via an app and a Bluetooth connection. The ioTrapster is fitted with a camera, a GPS tracker, a connected buoy and a Bluetooth connection that sends data to the app, allowing live content streaming and preventing fishing trap theft. You can now see when your trap is full, what kind of catch is inside, or if it needs to be re-baited. The trap, which includes a camera and pressure sensor, is connected via a data cable to the buoy. The buoy includes a GPS receiver, Bluetooth transceiver, a GSM modem, and a battery. All that is required to set up your trap is a smartphone. The trap hardware, cloud software and data-plan are all included. The setting is Eureka Park at the Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.
Learn more at https://iotrapster.com/

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