Navitas GaNFast Logo printed on two semiconductors chips

CES 2020: Navitas GaNFast Charger Technology

Allison interviews Eugene Sheridan (no relation), CEO of Navitas, about their Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors for incorporation into chargers. Navitas semiconductor technology, known as GaNFast, provides much higher efficiencies than traditional silicon-based chargers. This is made possible by the very high clock speed that can be used in GaN-based switching power supplies. With GaNFast-based chargers, you can get a 50% charge in just 15 minutes. GaNFast chargers are also much smaller and lighter than traditional chargers. Navitas is rolling out their GaNFast power devices for incorporation into many well-known suppliers including Anker, RAVPower, Aukey, Nvidia, Eggtronic, and several others. You will begin seeing smaller, lighter, and faster chargers across the industry thanks in large part to Navitas technology. The setting is the CES Show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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