Shure MV88+ Video Kit Including Microphone, Tripod, and iPhone all attached to Portable Tripod

CES 2020: Shure MV88+ Video Kit for Portable Recording

Allison interviews Laura Clapp Davidson from Shure about their MV88+ Video Kit. This kit is designed for portable audio and video recording for podcasting, vlogging, and content creation and is centered around the portable MV88+ stereo condenser microphone. The kit includes a Manfrotto PIXI tripod, mobile phone clamp and mount as well as iOS and USB-C cables. Adding your mobile phone completes the kit and allows you to capture professional-quality content on the go. The mic includes a headphone jack on the back to support audio monitoring with no lag. The kit includes an app that allows you to adjust microphone settings and recording functions in real-time from your mobile device. For example, you can change the mic pattern and gain, select audio compression, limiting, EQ, and even perform limited audio and video editing. The setting is the CES show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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2 thoughts on “CES 2020: Shure MV88+ Video Kit for Portable Recording

  1. Jeff Thompson - February 9, 2020

    Thank you for the video. Been listening for years, I am a blind user of the iPhone and have use the MV 88 microphone for nearly 3 or four years now. I really like the video app that they just came out with about a year ago. It’s great to see the NV 88 get the limelight, as it’s a great microphone. thanks for all your shows. Jeff Thompson from Blind Abilities.

  2. […] one more thing – if you’d like to watch a video interview that Steve and I did at CES with the Shure rep a few years ago all about the MV88+ mic to see it in action, there’s a link in the […]

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