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Dean Deals With a Lost Phone ( Transcription)

The transcript below was created with, the text-transcription service I talked about last week. I have made no effort to edit the transcript so it’s going to have mistakes in it. recognizes when different people are talking. From there you can tell it which voice is which on a couple of examples, and then it fills the rest of the names in for the entire file. If Dean and I talked over each other, the names of who is talking might be mixed up.

This is an experiment that doesn’t cost me a dime. I’d like some feedback on whether you like it, is it worth the extra say 15 minutes I need to spend when I have audio that has no script. I don’t think I’ll make time to ever edit these transcripts, so judge the value on what you see here. Please make comments on this post, or put them in our Slack at or our Facebook group at

Dean’s Story of Woe

Allison Sheridan 0:02
My buddy Dean is here visiting from out of town and he has a really cool tech story. Well, it starts with kind of a, I don’t know, a man failure, but it, but it eventually, it eventually works into a great use of tech. How are you doing tonight, Dean?

Dean Elger 0:18
I’m doing wonderful. Thanks for dinner by the way. Oh, you’re welcome for dinner. Well, you did pay the $4 for parking. That’s right. So it’s like we split the dinner.

Allison Sheridan 0:27
So you’re you flew in from out of town to LA What happened?

Dean Elger 0:31
Well, yeah, well, the first thing you have to know is that I fly for a living. I do this all the time. This isn’t like my first time getting in an airplane. So I land in LAX and I have a slightly different a slightly different morning and that I don’t have to get to a client. I’m going to visit my sister.

Allison Sheridan 0:46
And actually the plane was half empty, which I think that probably threw you off as well.

Dean Elger 0:51
It did. It was a very empty plane. I get off the plane. I get through the airport rather quickly. And then I’m in the LAX hell of going to get the rental car. So you sit on this tram forever this bus and you get dropped off and I sit in the rental car and I reach out to pick up my phone and realize at that moment, my phone isn’t a seat back, and it’s on its way to El Paso, Texas.

Allison Sheridan 1:11
Oh, no.

Dean Elger 1:14
Now the problem is my phone is my office. I work from home and everything is in my phone. So I don’t know my sister’s phone number. I don’t know my sister’s address.

Allison Sheridan 1:24
And that’s where you going for lunch right now. I’m going to her house.

Dean Elger 1:27
And I’ve been there once before because she moved recently, but I don’t really remember where it’s at. I know it’s in Redondo, but that’s about the end of it. And I don’t have a phone, so I can’t call my wife to ask her all that burden and detail, because I don’t have a phone. So I did remember that I had an iPad for my iPad was a Wi Fi only iPad. So the iPad is kind of stupid. But lo and behold, it had my contacts in there, which was helpful.

Allison Sheridan 1:51
So at least now you could find her address.

Dean Elger 3:14
Yes, I had her address. I can’t call her in. Does anybody even have a paper map anymore? So I have an address. That’s a really cute thing, but with nothing with GPS, you’re in trouble. So I thought about it for a while, and I remembered, wait, I have an Apple Watch. And my Apple Watch has a cellular plan. Okay, and I use my Apple watch all the time when I’m out hiking to receive calls, when I don’t have my phone with me. So I thought, okay, there’s gotta be a way stay calm, there has to be a way to be able to figure this out. So what I ended up doing was first because my sister is of course in my favorites. I was able to go out to the to the iPhone app that’s on the watch the phone app like the little green phone, phone app, the time to watch select it. And first I went to contacts but I have a bazillion contacts and would have taken my finger would have fallen off doing the scrolling to get through all the name starts with q you didn’t have a chance. Yeah, and there was no way so but she’s in my favorite so I was able to get to favorites. And I called her and lo and behold I get through to her phone because she’s in the shower getting ready because her brothers come in and take her out to lunch. So I leave her a message which she never gets, because I found out the phone that she was using was out of juice.

Allison Sheridan 3:10
So so anyway your tech is is rockin.

Dean Elger 3:14
Yeah, it is so, so now I have to figure out okay, how am I going to get to her house I have this address, but there’s a map function on the watch. And if you hit the search button once you open the maps, one of the choices is dictation. Okay, so I was able to dictate her address into the watch. And because I had my air pods and it wasn’t dumb enough to leave those on a plane. I threw those in my head and it gave me turned by turn directions to her house where I showed up knocking on the door and she said I thought you’re gonna call first I’m not ready. So that’s how the day started out. Needless to say I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 11 plus 11 pro 11 Pro with the three cameras and it’s gorgeous. And with all the little accessories and all 1400 dollars later I’ve been able to go out and fill in my last and found thing for Southwest hoping me the old phone back.

Allison Sheridan 4:09
Well that was an iPhone 10 correct?

Dean Elger 4:12
Yes a 10 so we were able to go into find my and find your phone. I think it moved down to Tennessee but last time we checked this afternoon. I can see where it’s vacationing. Yeah, we should we should probably do that. My phone is having a wonderful trip right now because I don’t think they’re cleaning out those see packets like you think, you know the seatbacks

Allison Sheridan 4:32
So, so I mean, it’s not the worst thing in the world that you ended up having to get a new phone, I was to two installments away from paying off the 10. Okay, and you so you probably would have gone and gotten another phone. Anyway, you know that eventually it would have gone under another phone.

Dean Elger 4:46
Normally it would be a trip here there to cause me to go on another phone. But this time you’ve even figured out a way to spend more money so we don’t need to go into that.

Allison Sheridan 4:56
You didn’t even have to get get to my house before I got you to buy a new phone.

Dean Elger 4:59
Yes This time it’d be hard to blame this on you but I’m going to work on figuring it out.

Allison Sheridan 5:04
All right well thanks for the story that that’s actually a pretty cool success story that with those with four Apple gadgets between them losing one you limped your way to your sister’s house

Dean Elger 5:14
Yeah, yes I did and and I was quite proud of myself to figure out the watch because you get to watch you look at all the cool functions and after a while just go back to the way you were doing everything and I forgot how powerful this and what you can do with it if you have a cell plan with it.

Allison Sheridan 5:31
Yeah, I think the part I wouldn’t have been able to do is remembering the the address long enough to dictate it in. Okay, well, like a decade older than you you’ll be here soon.

Dean Elger 5:42
Yeah, you are a whole What? 11 months older, something that may say Yeah. All right.

Allison Sheridan 5:47
Thanks, Dean. That’s a great story.

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  1. Lore Schindler - February 17, 2020

    I think that did a really good job! For whatever small errors there were I could figure out the story.

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