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CCATP #634 — Mikah Sargent on Favorite TextExpander Snippets

ShrugThis week our guest is Mikah Sargent of the Clockwise Podcast and the TWiT network. Mikah was talking on some show about how much he loves TextExpander, and I thought it might be fun to have a session where we talked about our favorite TextExpander snippets.

We found we use the same TextExpander trigger character but in different ways. We discussed our most-used snippets and why. Mikah told me about some very cool TextExpander snippets Brett Terpstra has shared with the world at…. We talked about how cool we think the Public Group snippets are that you can download from…. Mikah’s favorites are Accented Words (voilà), Emoji Cheat Sheet (💩), Symbols (⇧) and Text Utilities. We even covered nested snippets and the problem they solve.

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Mikah just launched a new show on the TWiT Network called Hands On iOS at…. You can find all of Mikah’s work at, and follow him on Twitter as @mikahsargent and Instagram as @mikahsargent .

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