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NosillaCast Joins the Wyze Affiliate Program

I know that it’s not weird to want to be paid for my efforts on the podcast and I know it’s not weird to want to have this not cost money, but I still worry that you’ll question my motives (as you should) when I endorse products where I make a commission.

With the loss of the Amazon Affiliate program, I’m looking for more ways to offset the costs of the show.

You know that I’m in love with the products from Wyze. Over the years I’ve told you that I am crazy about the Wyze Cam (a $25 webcam that’s amazing), the Wyze smart bulbs ($8!), the Wyze Sense (their tiny motion sensor and proximity dectors), and the Wyze smart plugs, and most recently the $20 Wyze Scale.

I just found out that they have an affiliate program now. I signed up and it pays a 10% commission which is crazy high. Maybe it’s that high because the products are so inexpensive? From today forward if you hear me talk about a Wyze product with glee and excitement, you may want to question my motives. I promise I won’t ever tell you a product is awesome if it isn’t but it’s only logical to tilt your head to one side and think, “Hmmm. Is she really that excited or is it the 10% that’s driving her comments?”

So far the only product I haven’t told you about that I’ve bought from Wyze is the iHealth No-Touch thermometer they’re reselling from iHealth. I didn’t tell you about it for two reasons. One is that they are resellers and that it’s not really their product. But also it seemed to give me really inconsistent results when we first got it. My temperature was swinging 5 degrees within a single session. I wrote to customer support and they gave me a couple of tips, like making sure I always point at the exact same spot on my head and doing it at the same time of day.

I set the thermometer aside for a few weeks and finally tried it again using their advice. Sure enough, it’s been rock solid. It’s contactless so I hold it where it’s pointing right between my eyebrows and I push the button 3 times. The temperature shown on the 3 tries is within a couple of tenths of a degree at each sitting. I’ve been taking my temp daily for the last couple of weeks so I have a baseline (just in case things go wrong) and the variation across all those days is one degree.

I didn’t mean this to be a review of the thermometer, but rather to explain why I didn’t ever tell you about it. If it had worked right away and if it was a connected thermometer that recorded my temperature automatically, and if they were no resellers, I’d have told you about it for sure.

In any case, I’m excited to have Wyze affiliate links to share with you and if I’m not too lazy I’ll probably go back a ways in my posts to add the affiliate links. I’ll be sure to qualify them as such if I do!

Of course, I’ve included a link in the shownotes to the top-level Wyze page with my affiliate link: https://wyze.com

5 thoughts on “NosillaCast Joins the Wyze Affiliate Program

  1. barry porter - June 13, 2020

    open the Health app, go to Browse, hit Vitals, and look for Body Temperature — an alternative is to use the search bar to find the temperature setting. Tap on that, and register your readings. You should consider adding it to favorites by starring it, so it shows up in your Summary section.

    or You can create a shortcut with the Shortcuts app to use Siri to log your temperature

  2. barry porter - June 13, 2020
  3. Steve Sheridan - June 13, 2020

    Hey Barry. Your post got me all excited that somehow my Apple devices are already measuring my temperature. I followed your instructions and there is a key item missing. You still need an app tied to a device that measures your temperature. The apps I see when I select Body Temperature within Vitals are Withings Thermo, Kinsa Smart Stick, iThermometer, and Medisafe Medication Management, none of which Allison or I have. Without one of those apps, there is no body temp data in my Vitals. Which body temp app/device are you using?

  4. Steve Sheridan - June 13, 2020

    Follow up for Barry. I just noticed there is a button in the upper-right of the Body Temperature page labeled “Add Data.” Maybe you were suggesting that Allison manually add her temp data to her Vitals using this method?

  5. Marty Jencius - June 14, 2020

    I bought an iHealth No-touch thermometer at the onset of COVID, tried it when it arrived and also got inconsistent results. I put it aside until a few weeks later my wife complained about a fever. Over the next few days we took her temperature multiple times a day and it was consistent. I also took my temp which remained normal or slightly below for the period of time we waited for her (eventual) negative COVID test. I think the problem with the first sketchy readings I got was a RTFM issue, brought on by initial user malfunction.

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