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PBS Listeners – Can We Interest You in a Cup of Taming the Terminal?

Hi, Programming By Stealth listeners! I wanted to let you know that Bart and I are taking a bit of a break from Programming By Stealth, the need for which happens every summer but for some reason catches us both unawares each year. Bart works in education and the summertime is the only practical time to make huge changes to the computer systems underlying said education. As you might guess, this year presents even more “interesting” challenges.

However, Bart and I are not lying down on the job, and we have something to offer you while you await the next installment of Programming By Stealth.

Five years ago Bart and I started a series called Taming the Terminal which ran for 35 of n episodes. Like Programming By Stealth, he made the ending indeterminate. He did this because while he accomplished the teaching he set out to do, he knew that things would change in the macOS terminal and new advances would be the opportunity for new episodes.

After a year hiatus, he brought us episode 36 in late 2016 where he taught us about screen which allowed you to SSH into servers and start processes that would continue even while disconnected. In mid-2017 he taught us about SSH agents to address a change in El Capitan that made you have to enter your passphrase to a server more often. This affected what we were taught in TTT30 about SSHing into our servers.

It turns out that Red Hat deprecated screen recently and instead there’s a tool called tmux that does everything screen used to do and more.

This week Bart and I recorded installment 38 of n in which he taught us the basics of tmux that replace screen‘s functionality. And in two weeks we’re going to publish the second half of the tmux story where he will teach us the other cool stuff it can do.

If you are an avid listener to Programming By Stealth, then I’m sure that Taming the Terminal will be a fun podcast for you. You can easily jump in right now to episode 38 or you can start at episode 0 and listen to all the back catalog.

As always you can find Taming the Terminal in your podcatcher of choice, and this week’s episode is also included in the full Chit Chat Across the Pond feed.

Or you can listen to Taming the Terminal installment 38 of n right here:

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