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CCATP #657 – Lory Gil on the iPhone 12 Announcement

Lory Gil, managing editor from iMore is back to talk about the new toys announced by Apple this week. In a show where we do NOT talk about 5G we instead talk about how cool it is that Apple brought so many features to the entire product line of iPhones, and then we go deep into a couple of the differences between the models. We talk about magnetometers, nano ceramic crystals and more nerdy terms. Lory speculates on what fun things we’ll get out of the MagSafe connector – like maybe we can stick our phones to our refrigerators. I nerd out a bit on size and weight specs (did you know the 12 is 12% thinner than the 11, and the 12 Pro is 9.4% thinner than the 11 Pro?

In any case, we had a blast together as we always do, and she promised to come back when Apple announces the new Silicon-based Macs, which John Prosser’s rumor says will be on November 17th.

If you’d like to interact with Lory, you can follow her on Twitter @appaholik, you can email her at [email protected] and of course you can read her work at

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