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CCATP #671 – Allison Sheridan on American Council of the Blind Radio

This week the tables are turned and you’ll actually hear me being interviewed. I was asked to be on the Magic Mac Show, which is on the American Council of the Blind’s streaming radio channel. Hosts Tyson Ernst, Katie Frederick and Jason Castonguay asked me on so they could learn about how I got interested in accessibility and what it’s helped me do.

During the latter part of the show, they do something terrifying – they allow live audience listeners to call in and ask questions! I’ve always been afraid of that, but Debbie Hazelton, managing director for ACB Radio does a great job of moderating the callers.

You can learn more about ACB radio at… and more about the American Council of the Blind at With that, here’s the interview, at the permission of ACB Radio.

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