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CCATP #675 – Working from Home Part 2 – Allister Jenks & Lindsay Tondee

In the last Chit Chat Across the Pond Lite, Lindsay Tondee made her debut appearance where we talked about working from home. After the show published, Allister Jenks wrote to me and told me that halfway through listening he had to stop and start writing down notes for a recording he would have to make talking about his views on the same subject.

I forwarded Allister’s message to Lindsay and then I connected the two of them and before I knew what was happening they had decided that we were going to do a three-way Chit Chat Across the Pond! Allister comes from a completely different perspective as someone who has worked far from his team for many years. We talk about what works and what doesn’t for him in his capacity doing IT support, from a technology perspective and even from a “how to stop people from asking you questions they could find answers for on their own” perspective.

You can follow Lindsay on Twitter @idahomonkees and you can find Allister at and on Twitter at @zkarj.

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