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CCATP #697 – Bodie Grimm Explains EV Fires and Teslas Hitting Emergency Vehicles

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CCATP #697 for August 23, 2021, and I’m your host, Allison Sheridan. This week our guest is Bodie Grimm. Along with being a podcaster who specializes in the news about electric vehicles on his show the Kilowatt Podcast, Bodie is a firefighter and engineer on a ladder truck. He is in a unique position to answer some of my questions about fires in internal combustion vehicles. We also talked about the new investigation by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) into 11 reported accidents where Teslas ran into emergency vehicles.

Bodie is super knowledgeable and has a lot of experience that’s relevant to our conversation, and he’s an awful lot of fun.

You can find Bodie’s Kilowatt podcast in your podcatcher of choice, and you can follow him on Twitter @918digital and you can email him at [email protected].

During our conversation he mentioned:

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