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CCATP #700 – Bart Busschots on PBS 126 of X – Introducing Phase 2

At episode 700! of Chit Chat Across the Pond we take Programming By Stealth into what Bart is calling Phase 2. We’ve learned a great deal about the client side of programming and we’re now going to move to the server side of the web. As Bart described Phase 2, I realized that it’s as though we’ve finished out undergraduate work in computer science, and we’re entering graduate school.

That observation is not based on the concepts being harder, but rather because we are going to work as a collective to help our professor on a project that’s near and dear to his heart. Bart created the fabulous web-based password creation tool at xkpasswd.net many years ago, in fact so long ago that it’s on a very creaky set of tools that have been deprecated and the entire service will die if it doesn’t move onto modern tools.

This will be a great excuse for us to learn to work on the new tools as Bart is forced to learn them and at the same time we will be enlisted to help him with the development of the new and improved xkpasswd.

I was really excited as I listened to Bart lay out the future of the next 100 or so episodes and everything we’re going to learn. Whether you’ve been working alongside the rest of the listeners since Programming By Stealth 1, or whether you’re a seasoned programmer who’d like to learn the new tools like Bootstrap 5 and PHP 8, I think you’ll have great fun with the next phase of Programming By Stealth.

You can find Bart’s strategic plan for Phase 2 laid out at bartificer.net

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