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Security Bits — 12 December 2021

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  • Apache have patched a critical zero-day dubbed Log4Shell in the very widely used logging library Log4J. Log4J is an open source Java library that’s used very heavily in Java-based enterprise apps, and on the platforms powering major cloud services. This is not something end-users can fix, but something sysadmins around the world are now scrambling to fix on their servers. Best you can do is buy any affected sysadmins a much-needed coffee! —… &…
  • The Financial Times is reporting that Apple have ‘loosened’ their anti-tracking policies —…
    • Editorial by Bart: From my reading of this I’m not seeing any ‘there’ there. Aggregated anonymised data is not tracking banned under Apple’s policy, and it’s what Apple themselves provide via their own ad effectiveness reporting APIs. This has the whiff of ‘clickbait’ to me.
  • 🇬🇧 The UK government have published a draft Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) bill that would set a security floor on IoT devices, default credentials would be banned, there would be a duty to notify users of vulnerabilities, and the packaging would have to state the length of time security updates will be available —…

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