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CCATP #712 – Alec Johnson on One Take Video Production

Alec Take One Tech with his face in a small box and the thing he's demoing on a fake iMac screen to the right
Alec on Take One Tech

This week’s guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond is the Wizard Alec Johnson. Alec is the host of the YouTube channel Take One Tech. He creates amazing how-to guides on tools such as Stream Deck, Hazel, Keyboard Maestro, Ecamm Live, and many basic features of the Mac operating systems. When I found his video tutorials, I started devouring them I was learning so much. I asked Alec if he’d come on the show to talk about how he creates these amazing tutorials because they’re unique in the style and quality of the content.

We talk about the gear he uses, and more importantly his software setup that allows him to create 30-minute video tutorials in one take. Even after learning how he automates with Keyboard Maestro and Stream Deck, I still believe he’s a wizard that he can create such smooth video tutorials with relatively few mistakes, all in one take. Get this, in one take he has created 100 videos in 100 days! His next goal is 365 videos in 365 days. This is why I introduced him as the wizard Alec Johnson.

Since he’s a video guy, we decided to have him record the interview for his YouTube channel as well, so if you’d rather watch instead of listen you can do that. There are a few times in the conversation where he demonstrates a little bit of what he’s describing so there is an advantage to watching the video. As always though, I made sure to keep adding color commentary to what I was watching so you won’t miss anything in the audio.

He described his physical setup during the interview and it was still a little bit confusing so I asked him to send me a photo of it, which is included below the video.

You can connect with Alec and find all of his content at

mp3 download

Alec Desk Setup - listen to audio to understand what's in this image
Alec’s Setup

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