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How Do You Capture a Total Eclipse … and Still Experience It?

Allison Steve stare at the sunYou might have heard that a total eclipse of the sun traveled across the United States on Monday the 21st of August. Steve and I were lucky enough to witness it as our second total solar eclipse.

I want to tell you about it, so I have to come up with a tech angle to do that or it’s against some rule of mine. The question I’d like to answer is, “How do you capture a total solar eclipse?”

My first answer is, don’t try. Seriously. Continue reading “How Do You Capture a Total Eclipse … and Still Experience It?”

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NC #626 Lacie Thunderbolt 3 dock, Google Loses Interest in its Phones, Call AppleCare, Brother Head-Mounted Monitor

Chris Ashley from the SMR Podcast was our guest on Chit Chat Across the Pond talking about the new Microsoft hardware and OS announcements this week, I did a deep dive into Finder modifications on ScreenCasts Online, and Bart Busschots had his debut on the Daily Tech News Show. We’ve got two NAB interviews. We talk with Lacie about their 2big Thunderbolt 3 doc with capacity up to 20TB. Then we learn about the Brother head-mounted HD monitor that allows videographers to be comfortable while their camera is in weird positions. I go on a bit of a rant about how Google has seemingly lost interest in supporting Android phones that they’re still selling. Then I’ll tell you about how I found out that the keyboard for my iPad Pro has a secret recall and how I found out.

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NAB 2017: Brother Head-Mounted HD Monitor

Allison interviews Josh Hardt from Brother about their latest AiRScouter HD display. The AiRScouter WD-330C is a head-mounted viewfinder that helps operators preview the video they are shooting with comfort and ease. This headset’s 720p display projects what appears to be a 19″ monitor directly in front of the operator’s eye. The AiRScouter WD-330C has an HD-SDI input for connection to a wide range of professional cameras, gimbals, and stabilizer systems. The setting is the Showstoppers show floor. Learn more at

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CCATP #449 Programming By Stealth – Solving JavaScript Challenges

In this week’s episode of Chit Chat Across the Pond, Bart Busschots starts walking us through the JavaScript challenges he gave us on Programming By Stealth 19. Bart got this crazy idea that we should do this episode as a video so that he could walk through each challenge from scratch on a blank canvas. He builds up the solutions and explains each step while I ask him questions. It was our first time recording video so we’re pretty excited that it actually worked. Thanks to Steve for the intro video that incorporates Bart’s Programming By Stealth logo into the Chit Chat Across the Pond logo that Terry Austin made for us!

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If you’d prefer the audio, of course that’s still available in the feed or directly below.

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NC #577 Two-Factor Authentication with Google and then Apple, Hazel Video Field Guide, Security Bits

I bit the bullet this week and turned on two-factor authentication for both my NosillaCast Google Account and my Apple ID. It was an “interesting” adventure in the same vein as the Chinese curse, “May you have interesting times.” The two experiences were really different and I’m not sure which one was better. In-between those two discussions we’ll cleanse our palettes with a discussion of David Sparks new Hazel Video Field Guide. After we’re done with the two-factor discussion, Bart joins us for Security Bits.

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Hazel Video Field Guide by MacSparky

Hazel video field guidePop quiz: would you rather go to the dentist, or scan in that giant pile of papers next to your desk? It’s a tough question, right? You bought that fancy pants scanner everyone was talking about a few years ago, and you committed to going paperless, and you probably bought some storage to file away all of the bills and such, but you still dread the actual job of scanning, am I right? Each time you finally go through them all, you swear to yourself that this time you’ll keep on top of it, this time you’ll do it once a week, this time you won’t let it stack up. And then three months later there’s that giant stack again.

David Sparks, aka Mac Sparky, co-host of the Mac Power Users Podcast, and good friend of mine, has been blathering on and on for years about how he uses Hazel to automate scanning of his documents. I have always meant to go watch some of his videos and read some of his tutorials to figure out how he does it and what’s so cool about Hazel, but I figured I’d never find the part about how to get started. I was afraid that going to his site might be like starting in an upper division calculus class when you forgot to take Algebra 1.
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Ricoh Theta S “360” Camera Review

Theta first photoSteve loves photography and videography, having a barrel of fun with his iPhone 6s and his GoPro Hero 3. The GoPro’s ultra wide angle lets him take selfies with a lot of people in the photo. One of his favorite photos (which has been Lindsay’s cover photo for ages) is one of his entire family, 22 of us, all in one shot. That’s really hard to get with any other kind of camera. He also gets phenomenal shots of scenery with his GoPro, often with the two of us in the close foreground. Landscape photography alone can be a bit boring and selfies alone get overdone, but a combination can be a nice change.

There’s only one thing cooler than an ultra wide photo from a GoPro, and that’s the new 360 degree photos and videos you can get with specialized cameras. Before we go too far, I want to acknowledge that “360 degree” isn’t technically correct, because in reality these photos are 4π steradians. Degrees (or radians) only describe one dimension, you need 4π steradians to describe all directions at once. But for the purpose of not sounding like the nerd ball I am, I will use the conventional 360 term. Know that it bugs me every time I say it though.

Alex Lindsay on MacBreak Weekly bought a 360 camera called the Ricoh Theta S and used it to take a photo of 30 of his relatives at his father’s 90th birthday party. He put the camera in the middle of the table and had everyone gather in a circle. It’s so cool! I knew that Steve would love one of these. Luckily Father’s day is coming up soon so I bought one for him early and couldn’t wait to give it to him. The Ricoh Theta S is $350 on Amazon right now, so think GoPro pricing.
Continue reading “Ricoh Theta S “360” Camera Review”

NC #559 Behringer DAC, Ring Doorbell, FLIR, FFmpeg, IOGear USB-C, Black & Decker, Security Bits

Allister Jenks reviews the Behringer UCA222 Digital Audio Interface, we have CES interviews about the Ring Video Doorbell and The FLIR One Personal Thermal Imager. Then I’ll tell you a story about FFmpeg and video transcoding, followed by two more CES interviews with IOGear and Black & Decker. Finally we’ll have Security Bits with Bart Busschots.

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Fun with Video Encoding – FFmpeg & VidConvert

notes on process taken in NotabilityI’ve told you a lot of stories about how my friend Dorothy (aka macLurker) helps me out by writing scripts for me to help automate things I do for the podcast. She’s really smart and knows SO much more than I do about programming. We have a lot of fun working on these projects but let’s be honest, the brains have all been on Dorothy’s side of the keyboard. At best I could say I’m the idea person.

But those tables were turned for the first time this week. Let me set the stage with the problem to be solved before I tell you how brilliant I was.

Dorothy and her husband Marc go on long trips on their boat, and they need entertainment while they travel. They used to drag along giant piles of DVDs, but a while back they decided to rip their vast collection of movies and get an Apple TV to play them on the boat. Dorothy wrote a script to pull down all the metadata to get all of the movies to look right and show up correctly in iTunes for the Apple TV. Everything was grand.

They liked the Apple TV experience so much they decided to buy one for home. I tried to convince Dorothy to buy my old Apple TV when the new Apple TV came out but she didn’t fall for it and bought a new one of her own. You’d think this would be a happy ending, but something odd happened. A large percentage of their movies that played just fine on the old generation 3 Apple TV wouldn’t run on the new generation 4 Apple TV.
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Three Camera Shoot for ScreenCasts Online

3 cameras screenflowI’ve mentioned before that I do video screencasts for Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online subscription podcast. He lets me pick the topic (with veto powers) but this time he probably should have talked me out of it.

Video screencasting is tough work but it’s made easier by the fantastic application Screenflow from Telestream. It captures your desktop video and audio source(s) and has a fantastic editor. Like I said, it’s really hard work but it’s fun.

Applications I Demonstrated

This week I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate two apps that allow you to use your iOS devices as accessories for your Mac. Duet Display allows your iPhone or iPad to work as a secondary display. This is wicked cool, especially when you’re away on travel and don’t have your dual monitor setup (if you’re that spoiled). I’ve used the iPad Pro as a second monitor to the 12″ MacBook and it’s glorious.
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