Audio Hijack 4 screenshot of video tutorial

Audio Hijack 4 – Tutorial on ScreenCastsOnline

You know I’m a huge fan of all products from Rogue Amoeba, and couldn’t do any of the podcast work I do without Audio Hijack. In my blog post entitled Audio Hijack 4 – So Much More than Just a New Coat of Paint, I sang the virtues of the newly redesigned Audio Hijack 4.

Now it’s time to learn what Audio Hijack 4 can do and how better than through a video tutorial created by me for ScreenCastsOnline? ScreenCastsOnline is a subscription podcast, but you can get a free, 7-day trial and watch this video and the back catalog to see if it provides the education on Mac and iOS applications that you’d like to exeperience. To help you decide, here’s a teaser video for the full tutorial at ScreenCastsOnline.

And remember, Audio Hijack is accessible via VoiceOver.

Teaser Video for Audio Hijack 4

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