Three Camera Shoot for ScreenCasts Online

3 cameras screenflowI’ve mentioned before that I do video screencasts for Don McAllister’s ScreenCasts Online subscription podcast. He lets me pick the topic (with veto powers) but this time he probably should have talked me out of it.

Video screencasting is tough work but it’s made easier by the fantastic application Screenflow from Telestream. It captures your desktop video and audio source(s) and has a fantastic editor. Like I said, it’s really hard work but it’s fun.

Applications I Demonstrated

This week I thought it would be interesting to demonstrate two apps that allow you to use your iOS devices as accessories for your Mac. Duet Display allows your iPhone or iPad to work as a secondary display. This is wicked cool, especially when you’re away on travel and don’t have your dual monitor setup (if you’re that spoiled). I’ve used the iPad Pro as a second monitor to the 12″ MacBook and it’s glorious.
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CCATP #421 Chuck Joiner on Apple Watch Fitness and Gear for Video Interviews

Chuck Joiner of the MacVoices podcast joins us to talk about how the simple reminder of the little loops on the Apple Watch Activity app got him to stand up once and hour, do a little exercise and start to feel better. We then move into conversation about how he records his video interviews for shows like CES. He’s a one man band with a cool rig you’ll want to hear about.

Links to some of the gear he talked about:

You can find Chuck at and on all the social media platforms as ChuckJoiner.

mp3 download

First Week With the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro

iPad Pro cover keyboard comparisonWhen the iPad Pro came out, many of us complained that Apple had lost their way because they didn’t have the Pencil and the Smart Keyboard available on day one. I’m starting to think there might have been a method to their madness.

If the Pencil had been available on day one, I think I would have been super distracted by it and not really given the iPad Pro as thorough of a run through or as much attention for what it is as a device without a stylus. In truth for me the Pencil is an awesome addition but I’m using it every few days while the iPad Pro is my nearly constant companion.
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#259 Mom Digital Book Reader, Video Podcasts, Sheepshaver Running OS 8.5, OverDrive Media, Audiobook Builder, Don McAllister

My Mother’s Day present: Porter Cable 7424XP Dual Action Orbital Polisher, Mom tells us about her Digital Book Reader, courtesy of the Library of Congress, and I walk through each of the video podcasts I like in answer to a listener request: The Apple Byte, Diggnation, The Digg Reel, Circuits with David Pogue, Onion News Network, Prize Fight HD, Real Deal, Screencasts Online with Don McAllister, Cranky Geeks, . Fun with running Mac OS 8.5 using Sheepshaver from George from Tulsa reviews Audiobook Builder from, and how IMDB is better on the iPad than any other device. Don McAllister of ScreenCasts Online steps in for the ill Bart Busschots on Chit Chat Across the Pond and tells us about his process for learning new tools.

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#197 AppleTV, VHS to DVD, Easy Wi-Fi, Spyder2Express

In Dumb Question Corner Kate asks, “what’s the big deal with the AppleTV” and Katie Floyd of joins us to answer. Brent trucklover and Steve spsheridan discuss VHS to DVD capture techniques. I learn about Easy Wi-Fi for AT&T iPhones from Devicescape Software on from iTunes, and then the listeners teach me how to do search on the iPhone. In Chit Chat Across the Pond we learn about yet another Firefox vulnerability which is now patched. Then Bart explains why he actually LIKES MobileMe for large file sharing better than DropBox, then he tells us about his Spyder2Express from


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#196 Search on Podfeet, More Pedias, Moral Dilemma, VHS to DVDs

I go without power till 15 minutes before showtime, GOOD search comes to, DVDpedia and all the other pedias starts a wave of emails from I struggle with a moral dilemma. In Chit Chat Across the Pond Bart and I are joined by Steve to talk about how he moves videos from VHS tape to beautiful DVDs, and we talk about the future in this process.


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