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Keyword Search Video Tutorial on ScreenCastsOnline

In February I told you about a really nifty, free Safari extension called Keyword Search. I was so enamored with this tool to vastly speed up my web searches for specific sites I visit often, that I decided to do a video tutorial about it for ScreenCastsOnline. I had so much fun recording this one because the extension works so well and is so valuable to me.

As always, I start by demonstrating the problem to be solved, and then I show how each one of the built-in Keyword Searches work. Then I get into the heavier lifting and teach how to create your own Keyword Searches for sites you visit often. It’s not hard, but it is definitely weird, and by going through several examples I make sure it’s obvious that for even the most arcane search queries, you can easily create your own Keyword Searches.

Here’s a teaser video for you and if you think this sounds cool, you can get a free 7-day trial of the ScreenCastsOnline video tutorial service at…. You’ll be able to watch not just this tutorial but all of the current tutorials. It’s dangerous to do the trial though because the content is so very good you’ll want to subscribe.

Teaser Video for Keyword Search Tutorial

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