Learn to Make Compelling Slideshows with FotoMagico – ScreenCastsOnline Tutorial

If you’ve got a special moment to commemorate, there’s nothing more compelling than a well-done slide show with music timed to pull at the heartstrings. Whether it’s celebrating the birthday of a beloved aunt, commemorating a season of little league, or capturing your family vacation, a slide show can bring tears and joy if done well. There are even many business-related uses for a good slideshow from advertising to marketing of your company’s products.

If you’re highly skilled and very very patient, you can create an artistic slide show with tools like iMovie or Final Cut Pro X. But these tools aren’t designed to create slideshows, so you have to do a lot of heavy lifting to do even some of the most basic functions of a good slide show.

In this tutorial for ScreenCastsOnline I teach how to use FotoMagico from Boinx.

FotoMagico is an app for iPad and Mac designed just for making slideshows. This is an app for pretty much everyone because it’s very easy to drop in a series of photos, add some music and titles, and publish a pretty neat slideshow just with the defaults from the application. But as you get to know FotoMagico, you’ll realize that it’s highly capable with many features I’ll only be able to introduce you to in this tutorial.

While FotoMagico is a subscription service at $8/month, since it’s in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store, you can turn your subscription on and off month to month. $8 to create a spectacular slideshow for that one special event is a very small price to pay. Check out the teaser video embedded below to get a taste of what I’m going to teach. It’s long enough that you can see how easy it is to make a slideshow with just the default settings.

If you’re not already subscribed to ScreenCastsOnline, you can watch all of the available videos during a free, seven-day trial.

Teaser Video for FotoMagico Tutorial

2 thoughts on “Learn to Make Compelling Slideshows with FotoMagico – ScreenCastsOnline Tutorial

  1. Dave Price - February 28, 2022

    Your tutorial is excellent, Allison! I’ve been using FotoMagico since version 2 back in 2008. Not only does it make great slideshows but you can use it as a video editor also. For example, here’s a video I made with FotoMagico:

  2. podfeet - February 28, 2022

    David – thank you so much for your comments. FotoMagico is so powerful that it was hard to fit in everything! Nice video work too on yours.

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