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CCATP #724 – Bart Busschots on PBS 137 of X — Bundling a Library with Webpack

We have one more thing to learn as we gear up to actually start writing modern code for Bart’s HSXKPasswd tool. The last piece of our tool kit is a bundler. In this installment, Bart teaches what problems bundlers solve, and he explains why he chose the bundler Webpack for our project. After learning about Webpack, Bart takes us through a worked example, bundling the Joiner module we’ve been working on through this part of the series. When we’re done, we’ll have an ES6 bundle and a Universal Module Defnition (UMD) bundle to cover both modern and more legacy needs. In the episode, you’ll hear me say that the exercise hit errors, and after the show, we diagnosed the problem and fixed the shownotes so have no worries about that!

You can, as always, find Bart’s fabulous show note tutorial for this installment at pbs.bartificer.net/…

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