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Security Bits — 17 April 2022

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  • The Cash app has experienced a security breach —… (>8M users affected, includes names, account numbers, account values, holdings & trading activities)
  • Brian Krebs warns of a new tactic being used by Crypto-scammers – well-polished YouTube presentations with genuine crypto celebrities presented as a live stream with links to the scam overlaid as lower-thirds to make it look like the celebrities are endorsing the scams —…

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When the textual description of a link is part of the link it is the title of the page being linked to, when the text describing a link is not part of the link it is a description written by Bart.

Emoji Meaning
🎧 A link to audio content, probably a podcast.
A call to action.
flag The story is particularly relevant to people living in a specific country, or, the organisation the story is about is affiliated with the government of a specific country.
📊 A link to graphical content, probably a chart, graph, or diagram.
🧯 A story that has been over-hyped in the media, or, “no need to light your hair on fire” 🙂
💵 A link to an article behind a paywall.
📌 A pinned story, i.e. one to keep an eye on that’s likely to develop into something significant in the future.
🎩 A tip of the hat to thank a member of the community for bringing the story to our attention.

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