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CCATP #723 – Bodie Grimm Kilowatt Crossover on Self Driving, Solar Batteries, and More

While Steve and I were in Phoenix visiting Steve’s sister, we made a trip out to meet the awesome Bodie Grimm, host of the Kilowatt podcast at Bodie’s show is all about electric vehicles, self driving, solar energy, and batteries. You can imagine that it would be impossible for a podcast to not break out when two podcasters meet up like this.

We decided to create this as a crossover episode that we would both post. I haven’t listened to Bodie’s intro yet, but I am willing to bet that he starts it with telling his audience they shouldn’t listen on his show, they should subscribe to mine instead. That’s just the kind of guy he is. I’m not that generous. Stay here, listen to it on my channel, but then you’re allowed to go subscribe to the Kilowatt Podcast.

In this episode Bodie and I talk about all kinds of things. I explain how weird it was for Steve and me to drive an internal combustion engine (ICE) car after two years of EV driving. But that wasn’t the weirdest driving we did. Right before recording, Bodie let us order a Waymo self-driving car to take us to Trader Joe’s, so of course we had to talk about how crazy it was to be in a moving car with no driver in the car.

Steve and I are considering getting batteries to go with our solar system, and Bodie knows a lot about this subject, so I try to get him to interpret the crazy language we were given on how to deal with Tesla batteries during a power outage. He does not succeed at this task any better than we did.

Bodie is a fabulous guy – smart, knowledgeable, and with a subtle and yet goofy sense of humor that just tickles me. Be sure to check out the Kilowatt Podcast in your podcatcher of choice.

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