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CSUN ATC 2022: Hable Assistant to Your Smartphone

Allison interviews Freek van Welsenis from Hable about their smartphone assistant designed for people who are blind or visually impaired. The Hable device pairs with your smartphone and is about the size of a thick smartphone. Hable has six buttons laid out in a braille 3×2 format as well as two function buttons on either side of the braille buttons. Using the Hable controller buttons and function keys, the user can access and control their smartphone with audio feedback and without seeing the phone’s display. It can be used for typing more accurately and navigating your phone with simple movements and shortcuts. Hable works with VoiceOver and TalkBack on phones and tablets with iOS and Android mobile systems. The setting is the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference show floor at the Marriott in Anaheim, CA.

Learn more at https://iamhable.com/

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