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CCATP #552 – Steve Harris on Mac App Store Improvements & Dark Mode

This week our guest is someone you’ve heard me mention a hundred times, Steve Harris of Reinvented Software. It’s because of Steve’s application Feeder that you’ve been getting all of my podcasts delivered to you. He’s also the developer of Keep It that you’ve been hearing me talk about more recently. I asked Steve onto the show to talk about the pain points of the Mac App Store for developers and how Apple has been addressing them and improving things. It’s encouraging to hear from a real developer about how much better things are now and how hopeful he is about the future of the Mac App Store for developers and users.

We also talk about the development of the new Dark Mode in macOS Mojave and the implications to developers. It’s great fun to talk to Steve because he’s easily as silly and sarcastic as I am.

You can find Steve’s applications at, and you can find him on Twitter @steveharris or reinventedapps,

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NC #684 MacBook Keyboard, HashPhotos, Security Bits

Thanks for giving us a few extra days with Steve’s dad before publishing the show. We’ll start out with a rant by me against everyone who has declared the butterfly keyboard on the newer MacBooks as bad, then I’ll tell you about an amazing photo app for iOS called HashPhotos from BeyondF.  Bart is back with another installment of Security Bits where he’ll talk about the new USB restricted mode for our iOS devices, and then he’ll talk about all the new security features Apple introduced at WWDC. Of course, he’ll have notable news, updates, and suggested reading for you as well.

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Security Bits – USB Restricted Mode, Apple’s Focus on Security in OS Announcements


  • Telegram have now been able to update their apps on Apple’s non-Russian app stores —…
  • The VPNFilter malware/botnet story continues to evolve as security researchers find more router makes and model are affected. Additions to the list include routers by Asus, D-Link, Huawei & ZTE —…,… &…
  • 🇺🇸 As anticipated, the vote to restore net neutrality that passed the Senate recently was not even taken up by the House of Representatives, so they didn’t even get a change to vote on it, and President Trump didn’t get a chance to veto it. Net Neutrality has officially ended in the US —… &…

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HashPhotos for iOS is Everything Apple Photos Should Be

Hashphotos on app storeI’ve got a lot of photos. And by a lot, I mean 72,928 of them in Apple Photos. While I’m quite fond of Apple Photos, I’m annoyed by a few things. It’s pretty slow on the Mac (I can’t imagine why) and the iOS app is pretty limited in what you can do with it. What if there was an app that worked within the Photos library but also gave iOS a seat at the big girl table in terms of editing and more? HashPhotos from… might be the solution to these problems.

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NC #683 Drobo 5N2, Wyze Cam Pan, WWDC Excited or Not

It’s a nice long show but only a few topics this week. We’ll start with a walk through what I learned testing the Drobo 5N2 network attached storage. It’s not so much about the Drobo itself but more about the technologies involved. Then we’ll talk about the new Wyze Cam Pan $30 security camera. Finally I’ll tell you what I thought was interesting, exciting, boring, disappointing or just plain dumb in the announcements from Apple’s WWDC keynote.

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Tiny Tip – Accessibility Shortcuts to Dim Screen & Magnify on iOS by Rick from Baltimore

Accessibility shortcutRick from Baltimore sent in this awesome little tip that solves a real problem:

Hi Allison,

I wanted to share a quick IOS tip that solved two problems for me.

Problem One: I want to read on my iPad in bed, but the screen is too bright in the darkened bedroom, even with auto screen dimming and True Tone turned on. Is there a one-click solution to reduce screen brightness without fiddling with Settings?

Problem Two: I’m getting older and reading small print is increasingly troublesome. Is there a quick way to activate the IOS Magnifier?

Turns out Accessibility settings on IOS solved both of these problems for me. How? It’s all about the Home button settings. I have it set now where I can triple-click the Home button on my iDevice, and a screen pops up offering two Accessibility Shortcuts. These are Magnifier and Reduce White Point.

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Free, Yet Powerful Vector-Design Program for iOS in Vectornator Pro

Vectornator on ios app storeYou have probably figured out by now that I’m not an artist. That doesn’t keep me from being interested in applications to create art and to appreciate those who use them well. I used to think all digital art was created using pixel-based drawing and painting apps. It turns out that amazing art can be created using vector design programs.

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Explore Bike Share Made it Impossible to Actually Rent an Electric Bike

Explore bikeshare bikesI’d like to start this particular review by saying that the customer support representative who refunded all of our money was awesome. That might give you an indication of how Steve and I feel about the Explore Bike Share service.

We were in Memphis for the weekend and had walked a fair bit of the city, and when we saw the opportunity to rent electric bikes we thought that sounded really fun. We’d been wanting to try an electric bike and renting one was a great way to do it. Being able to ride for a while and then drop the bike off at another station would be ideal.

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NAB 2018: Audio-Technica Microphones and Headphones

Allison interviews Gary Boss from Audio-Technica about their wide range of microphones and headphones. Gary describes the Audio-Technica System 10 digital wireless system made up of a compact receiver you can mount on a cold shoe combined with a handheld mic/transmitter or a lavalier mic hooked to a body pack transmitter. System 10 is easy to use, produces high-quality audio, and avoids interference normally encountered in a dense electromagnetic environment. This the same audio system used to record the audio for NosillaCast interviews (including this one). Gary also describes the AT 2020 USBi mic, perfect for podcasting and recording on the go. It supports digital audio recording to devices with a USB port or to iOS devices with a Lightning port. Gary then moves on to Audio-Technica’s suite of professional headphones ranging in price from $49 to $349. These headphones have a flat audio response, removable ear-pads, and detachable cables. The setting is NAB Show floor in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Learn more at

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Create Real Videos from Your Live Photos with Snapthread

Snapthread logoOne of the more interesting advancements in iPhone photography in the last few years has been Live Photos. If you haven’t played around with them before, the sensor actually captures a few seconds of video on either side of the photo. Up until recently, the fun party trick was to hold your finger down on the photo and you could see the tiny video. While enjoyable, you couldn’t do anything else with Live Photos.

Back then the photo was a single hi-resolution JPG with a video sidecar file. But with the new High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF/HEIC) things are getting a lot more interesting.

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